Do you ever feel down? Have you ever had a bad day, a bad week, a bad year or worse? Many of us have felt this way at one time or another. The struggles of life come in so many ways. It can be difficult to cope. First, we need to say that stress, loneliness, regret, anxiety or even depression are serious conditions and should be understood, handled and treated where appropriate by trained professionals.

But if you are just feeling down and you are not sure how to break out of that condition. What if this continues on and you feel in a rut? Do you worry that down-in-the-dumps feeling will never go away?

What can you do to have hope again? Wouldn’t it feel great to feel like you did during some of the best times of your life? You know the memories I am talking about. Moments of peace while reflecting upon life, when relaxing with loved ones, when helping or spending time with the children in your life, when enjoying a calm breeze or the warmth of the sun outside in the beauties of nature. It is those cherished memories when life just worked. When there was hope for the future. When it just seemed like everything made sense and maybe you felt like you could accomplish anything.

You may be picturing memories right now. And the experiences you are visualizing are different for each one of you. We can’t tell you what those memories look like to you. But when you ponder them – they are warm and sweet and filled with hope. Don’t you want those feelings always? Why are they so fleeting? How do we find ourselves?

We know how you feel. We have been there too. And we have a solution. Everything we do is to build hope and inspire the best in each of us. The answer is bigger than ourselves.

“Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.”


“A growing body of science is showing that nature is good for you. That includes spending time in nature, but it even includes looking at natural scenes out a window.”

Why is nature so powerful? Could it be that it enacts all of our senses? Thoughts of understanding flow more freely when we are in nature. Even the touch of a loved ones’ hand is amplified when opening our senses, our mind and our heart without restraint in the beauties of our natural environment. By leaving the worries of life – in the quiet moments our bonds are sealed securely within and among ourselves as we feel comfortable with our place in the world.  When we slow down and let the calm of our surroundings envelop us we become new, our perspective is enlightened and we have hope.  We find ourselves.

Isn’t that what we long for? More peaceful moments. The encouragement and support to reflect on these best times of our lives. The artwork presented on this site is a window to these memories and an open door to the feelings you have forged in the natural environment that can invite us to journey back to moments of secluded reflection or peaceful times with loved ones and to rekindle our hope for the future. 

Invest in hope...

For your life and for the lives of others. The inviting colors, the ordered natural compositions are presented to trigger memories to the best times and places of our lives. The times when everything seemed right. The time we long to get back.  We can have those cherished memories back whenever we pause to glance and reflect upon the artwork – a visual symbol and window to the past and an open door of hope for the future.

Find your soul. Find your self. Solo Find.

Remember – and move forward with hope.